Client Testimonials

“Dr. Sage is wonderful and truly cares for her patients. She gives her all every time. She explains everything and is always open to questions.” ~ Valerie Piotrowski 

“Dr. Sage saved me from losing my golf game and the probability of severe back surgery. I went from fearing the need for lumbar surgery and not golfing for four and half months (or ever again) to being able to play, and a few months later, playing in a golf tournament where I not only took first place but also shot one of my best scores of 72. Not only did I go through the tournament completely pain free, I was also able to play another round the next day with zero pain.  I am able to continuing playing and enjoy the game that I love without the pain I used to experience.”  –Sid 

“Dr. Sage is so compassionate, warm, and empathetic. She has been helping me through my journey to a higher percentage of wellness with the new information that has come straight off the pike to guide us. She continually educates herself on what is holistically new to help us transform our programmed healing body into a more efficient instrument. I know I would not be where I am today without her.  Thank you Dr. Sage.”  – Laura



"Dr Campione was instrumental in providing supplementation that allowed my mom's health issues to get better with more energy. Without this, she may not have healed as well. Thanks." - Blake


“I’ve been going to Dr. Sage Campione now for a handful of months, and am greatly appreciative of the services she provides.  She truly goes above and beyond her categorized profession. 

Her care for your physical health, with a hands on approach, is complimented with her knowledge of vitamins, herbs & natural healings, as well as a gentle approach to lifestyle additions and modifications ~ customized to you personally.  Her gentle disposition is comforting and she takes the time to get to know who you are, in assisting also, with your mental health…rounding out the philosophy of how our mental state of mind, affects our physical being, and working with both, towards a better you.

Figuratively and Literally, I can honestly say that you do leave her office, ‘standing a little taller’…”

Linda M.


Dr. Sage has helped me on many occasions. I work hard and play even harder, from Mt. biking to playing on trampolines.  Sage has straightened my back out more than a few times. The cranial sacral therapy is only one of her ways to help with upper back pain. She performed the cranial sacral therapy on me when I was having this nagging intense pain that ran down from the right side of my neck into my right shoulder. I had tried many types of massages thinking all I had was a sore or tense muscle, with no relief.
I went to see Sage to get a chiropractic adjustment and when I described what I had done to get past the pain, she recommended that we try cranial sacral therapy. It was amazing.  The pain I had been living with for way too long was gone within the first hour.
God bless Doc sage!

Dr. Sage Campione is a life saver. I met her through a networking group that we both belonged to. Initially I started seeing her because I wanted to feel better physically. I was over weight, and tired all of the time. After I completed a few tests I found out that my hormones were very unbalanced, which was preventing me from losing weight. I also needed help in the digestive area, so that I could better absorb the nutrients from the food I was eating. I just plain needed to be healthy and feel stronger. I started with a full body cleanse which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Within a few months I lost 10 pounds eating the right foods. This really made a difference in my energy level. At this point I can easily say that I am not on a diet. It’s a life style change for me. I have lost 2 more pounds just from making the right food choices. All you need is the will to change and a great doctor to help you.
Thanks Dr. Sage….
Mary G.

“I’m rather afraid of doctors and have avoided them for years.  I knew I had something wrong but had no idea what and the pain and discomfort were beginning to interrupt me daily.  Also, I’m uninsured and the cost for doctors to start poking around with a bunch of tests was overwhelming! I was fortunate to meet with Dr. Sage in the nick of time and I am pleased to say I’m on the road to recovery and feeling better than I have in a long, long time.”

~ K Nesbit, Saint Simons Island, GA

“I have been seeing Dr. Sage for both chiropractic care and wellness for more than a year now.  She is the most genuine, caring, and compassionate doctor I have ever met.  In this world full of medical professionals looking to make a quick buck and not really doing what’s best for the patient, I feel like Sage actually takes the time to listen and do what is best for you…not her pocketbook.  Her treatments have helped me go off an antidepressant I was on for about 7 years, without side effects.  We are now working on preparing my body to have a baby, and I cannot be more pleased with how far I’ve come in such a short time.  I’m not sure where I would be if I hadn’t met such an inspiring, beautiful person like Sage.  Every time I leave her office, I walk away with positive vibes and a sense of peace and serenity.  Thank you Sage!”   – Kelly I.







Being a professional dancer, my body needs some extra TLC, and Dr. Sage Campione has always been there to provide it.
One day, she happened to be on vacation in New York and my body was terribly misaligned, so much so, I couldn’t bend forward.  She came to my job, set up a table like surface, and not even 5 minutes later, I was able to bend all the way forward and touch my toes with no discomfort.  She can run her hand down your spine, feel the places causing you grief, and fix them quickly.  The amount of both physical and mental stress relieved on her table is amazing, and has allowed me to continue doing what I love to do.  Not only that, she creates such a welcoming, relaxing environment and really cares about you being both physically and mentally sound.  My body is like Humpty Dumpty–and when it’s broken, I use Doc Sage to put it back together again.  – Corey Gosselin, Professional Dancer