Concierge Wellness & Nutritional Care

http___conciergewellnesscare.com_The latest necessary health care online support. Your very own wellness advisor offering accountability that is personal.

Waking up when your health is good and strong will give you freedom.  The freedom to do the things that bring you joy and bliss. Your relationships will improve and those around you will wonder what your secret is.  You will experience deep feelings of happiness again.

The truth is, you cannot do this alone, but you can achieve true health with a support system.

I have over 25+ years experience with health and nutrition consulting.

I offer programs that are private and personal providing you the one-on-one attention that you need to reach the level of optimum health. Not only for those who have natural wellness issues that need to be addressed but also for those looking to optimize their overall health. The optimizers of the world need an advocate and accountability by a practitioner to oversee their health and help to achieve their optimized health goals.

It starts with a consultation to determine what your issues are (the ailments, pains and distractions that are preventing you from living a joyful life).

Concierge Wellness Care

Personalized nutritional and wellness counseling including:

  • Flexible hours
  • Email support
  • Online consulting
  • Accountability
  • Accessibility
  • Confidential
  • Complimentary initial consult (15 minutes)

I will help you develop a highly personalized toolkit, so you can achieve your dreams and goals.

Where Do I Begin?

Personal Lifestyle Healthcare starts with an assessment of your current health.

A comprehensive consult includes:

  • Body composition
  • Food allergy/sensitivity testing
  • Lab profile (blood serum)
  • Micronutrient labs
  • Stool lab test
  • Saliva hormone testing
  • Thyroid testing

All or several of the above tests may be required based upon your needs.

Making a Plan

The analysis provides a snapshot of how your body currently functions. It’s the starting point where you and I begin our journey and create a step-by-step Total Wellness plan. Together we will focus on the needs and goals for your mind, body and spirit.

Your holistic Wellness strategy will be mapped out over time and may include chiropractic care, exercise, meditation, stress management, nutrition and addiction-release plans. The important thing to remember is whatever your need to realize your goals, I am with you and can provide the exact treatment required.

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